[EP055] ELECTRONIC PETZ Vol.3 (V.A. Album) - Electronic Petz

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[EP055] ELECTRONIC PETZ Vol.3 (V.A. Album) - Electronic Petz

Messagepar epvoice le Mar 16 Nov, 2010 17:57

[EP055] ELECTRONIC PETZ Vol.3 (V.A. Album) - Electronic Petz
Artist: V.A.
Album: Electronic Petz Vol.3
Label: Electronic Petz | Cat: EP055
Genre: Deep / Tech House, Techno, Electronica
Release Date: November 24th, 2010 (Beatport Exclusive)


Artwork By: REAL DC


01. SLOK - The Synthesizer (Intro)
02. Baud - Planetorama
03. Yariv Etzion - On The Rock
04. SLOK - Paris Feeling
05. Kenji Takashima - Breakwater (Deep Mix)
06. Beat Theory - Reflection (Original Mix)
07. SLOK - Grave
08. Patriarca, Ters - UD Part 02
09. Phonic.Lab - Something Happens
10. SLOK - Vinotheque
11. Michael Mishima - DMB
12. SLOK - The Energy

Description: Electronic Petz It's a creation of the Italian musician, producer, DJ Alessandro Russo aka SLOK and it's an Electronic Music label based in Paris set with a firm focus on quality dance music rather than on any specific genre. As every years tradition, now It's time for the Volume 3: this album contains some cool unreleased tracks from SLOK and the Japanese Doc. Michael Mishima, plus a selection of few representative pieces released by the label recently and during the 2010. Thanks a lot to all the producers that have supported the label with passion, to all the DJ's that loves and plays what we released, and a particular attention goes now to our young, talented newcomer artist Baud from Bordeaux (France) and his warm Deep House debut track 'Planetorama' !!!

Label: electronicpetz.com

Featured Artists Links:

SLOK: slok.it
Yariv Etzion:
Kenji Takashima:
Beat Theory:
Michael Mishima:
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Re: [EP055] ELECTRONIC PETZ Vol.3 (V.A. Album) - Electronic

Messagepar epvoice le Mer 24 Nov, 2010 18:22


Link To The Release Here: https://www.beatport.com/it-IT/html/con ... z-volume-3
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Re: [EP055] ELECTRONIC PETZ Vol.3 (V.A. Album) - Electronic

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